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Mute are pleased to announce the release of the long-awaited

Fad Gadget by Frank Tovey

project on 11th September 2006


The 2 DVD and 2 CD package features an exclusive new documentary covering Tovey's life and career up to his untimely death in 2002. It will also include rare and unreleased tracks and live footage of legendary performances, as well as classic songs recorded both under his own name and his alter ego, Fad Gadget. Put together by Frank's family in conjunction with Mute, utilising the Mute and family archives, this collection features the very first Fad Gadget demos and footage of the rebirthed Fad Gadget supporting Depeche Mode in 2001.

Fad Gadget, who alongside Human League, Cabaret Voltaire and The Normal, was at the forefront of the Electronic Movement of the late 70s/early 80s. The first signing to the Mute label, Fad Gadget released his debut single, the ground breaking, 'Back To Nature' in October 1979. Recorded using a drum machine and synthesiser a string of classic singles followed including 'Ricky┐s Hand┐, 'Fireside Favourite┐ and ┐Collapsing New People┐. A truly unique artist his live shows were legendary and quickly established Fad Gadget as one of the most exciting acts of the time.

After four critically acclaimed albums as Fad Gadget, Tovey dropped the moniker and recorded a further five albums for Mute under his own name and with the Pyros throughout the ┐80s and early ┐90s. He continued to experiment with many different styles, mixing electronics with Rock, Punk, Folk and Dance Music.

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Announcement: Interesting News

Yes, it's nearly finished.
The DVD/CD project that we have been promising is in its final stages and due for release before then end of March 2006.
There will be stuff there for everyone; long established fans, new converts and anyone with an interest in the life and work of a unique performer.

A 60 minute documentary contains rare and unseen footage and images as well as interviews with many of Frank's collaborators, including members of Depeche Mode, photographer Anton Corbijn and Mute's founder Daniel Miller. Live gigs, TV clips and videos will also be there.

The CD will have examples of Frank's other projects and unreleased tracks plus your chance to hear the original demo that Daniel Miller was handed more than 25 years ago. Would you have signed this man to your record label? - you decide.

Really Important News

We also want to include a selection of the best Fad Gadget and Frank Tovey songs and we would like your suggestions.

We are running a Poll on the Mute Records website asking people to vote for their favourite 5 tracks. So visit http://www.mute.com/fadgadget where you can see the updated Fad page. The Poll closes on 18th November so vote now and spread the news!

Frank Tovey
Fad Gadget

08.09.1956 - 03.04.2002

Returned "Back to Nature",
a cherished man,
sadly missed by us all.

fotography by Philippe LÚvy - France summer 2001

Frank died on Wednesday 3rd April 2002 at his home in London of a heart attack.

He will be best remembered as one of the Electronic pioneers who, alongside Human League, Cabaret Voltaire and The Normal, were at the forefront of the Electronic Movement of the late '70s/early '80s.

Fad Gadget was the first signing to the Mute label with the release of his debut single, the ground breaking 'Back To Nature' in October 1979. Recorded using a drum machine and synthesiser, a string of classic singles followed including 'Ricky's Hand', 'Fireside Favourites' and 'Collapsing New People'. A truly unique artist, his live shows were legendary and quickly established Frank Tovey as one of the most exciting acts around. The shows often ended with Frank injuring himself from his intense performance. He recently toured Europe with label mates Depeche Mode on the Exciter tour and was working on new material at the time of his death.

Daniel Miller - "Frank was the first artist I ever worked with on Mute, he made some very special and influential records and was an exceptional live performer. Frank played a big part in helping to lay the foundations of what the label was to become in the ensuing years, I will miss him greatly."

fotography by Philippe LÚvy - France summer 2001

Many thanks to everybody for the sympathy and condolences during this difficult time and especially to his fans with whom his music will live on forever.

Frank's last message to his fans:

02-04-2002 - SAMA and beyond

Thank you my children of the night. Fad loves you. The Sama festival in Gotenburg was great. We all had a good time even though our dressing room was burgled while we were on stage. Gunther had his jacket stolen, Tommy lost his shades and Huw (our sound engineer) had his sweatshirt nicked. Luckily my collection of severed hands and my complete set of hand drills were untouched. Also an idiot from some Norwegian band was upset that we left the stage covered in feathers and started shouting at my girlfriend. You find these amateurs everywhere, unfortunately.

Apart from these minor hiccups the show was a great success and the band enjoyed themselves tremendously. It was fun to meet some of Sissy Prozac and Statemachine back at the hotel. Thanks for the beers Sunil.

The short European tour was a gas and we were pleased to see so many of our fans. I read all the messages in the guest book. Its good to see what real people think. The music biz is so full of bullshitters. The guestbook keeps me in touch so don't stop writing.

As you may know I'm currently writing new material. Be patient my little rodents, I know you crave blood but these things take time. You may not see me again for a few months while I check my circuits, reprogram my nerve system and regenerate some new flesh for you to devour. I hope that there will be something for you to consume by the end of the year but, in the meantime we will be playing some festivals in the summer (dates to be announced when gigs are confirmed).

And for our Amercan fans (North & Latin) and Japanese fans we hope to visit you as soon as we find suitable agents in your territories. Keep the letters coming in We will see you soon

Love Fad Gadget x